Vision Statement

Customer service is our priority. Our team will set the standard of excellence by providing remarkable customer service to all of our clients during the loan process and in perpetuity.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing services that will help our clients meet their financial goals while achieving their personal dreams. We cultivate life-long relationships with our clients and Realtors® alike. My team operates within an atmosphere of respect and professionalism while promoting personal growth and diversity.

FREE Mortgage Consulting?

If you are reading this text, the chances are good that you are interested in obtaining personalized home loan advice. You have heard countless radio ads and you have seen numerous commercials on TV. You may be overwhelmed and wondering why they all give different loan advice. The answer: They have no idea who you are or which loan program would best suit your home financing needs.

How Do You Know Whom to Trust?

How can you be sure that the home loan advice you are getting will suit your individual needs? When you think that a loan sounds too good to be true, how can you find out if you are right?  In order to answer these home financing questions, we have created this website.

How Does Our Service Work?

We supply you with one-on-one mortgage consulting to answer all of your basic home financing questions. We do not make a penny until you complete your purchase and/or refinance.

How Can We Be Contacted?

Our highly-trained staff is available via webmail, e-mail, or by telephone M-F from 10am – 5pm Pacific Time. Your request for information will be answered by the next business day if made during regular business hours. Contact us online or call us at (661) 260-2970.